You have found the 50 Plus for Librarians site. We created this site for the ILEAD project we are a part of. This site gathers together various links, documents and other resources to help a librarian create programming for our patrons over the age of 50. We focused our efforts in four distinct areas. Those being Health, Finance, Technology, and Social Engagement. Please send an email to Please click on the menu bar above to peruse your area of interest.

Overall Thoughts

  • Sno-Isle Libraries and a number of other libraries strongly suggested not calling them Seniors! [4]
  • Sno-Isle Libraries also highly recommend Focus groups [4]
  • Hennepin County Library found programs that are most successful are small group (20 or less) and hands-on workshops, live music or big name authors [1]
  • Hennepin County Library goes on further to suggest using programs with paid experts with funds from local arts and cultural funds [1]
  • Mesa County Libraries advertises in senior publications and also staffs a table at senior fairs promoting their services [3]
  • Mesa County Libraries also found programs that are hand's on and that involve a make and take aspect to them [3]
  • Finally Mesa County Libraries has forged successful partnerships with the local museum, a genealogy society and the parks & recreation department which draw seniors as well [3]
  • A branch at the San Antonio Public Library has a very successful program called the Elderberries; a part-time employee spends most of her time planning the programs with a variety of volunteer instructors. These include university professors, health care professionals and local experts. The employee running the program is an older adult who lives in the community and has managed to grow the program by engaging her peer group. SAPL has found this to be a very successful route to a robust senior program [7]
  • The San Antonio Public Library has found that attractive print brochures work well with this group. They also make a point to have a table at local senior events [7]
  • The San Antonio Public recommends partnerships to maximize both organizations resources. AndhHaving an employee or a volunteer that is a senior work on this type of programming can be very valuable. And finally establish an active senior advisory council [7]
  • The San Antonio Public Library provided these handouts as examples of possiable programming: Fall Brochure Spring Brochure [7]


  • Mesa County Libraries found programs that focused on subjects about caring for people with dementia or dealing with grief and loss later in life to have been popular [3]
  • Hennepin County Library have not found health programs that popular. They suggested to develop staff skills in this area [1]
  • Sno-Isle Libraries provided this handout about Brain Health [4]
  • Wilmette Public Library also provided a handout about Brain Health [6]
  • Currently the San Antonio Public Library Live Well/Age Smart programming committee is partnering with the local Area Agency on Aging to provide classes for Medicare Open Enrollment [7]


Social Engagement

  • Hennepin County Library provides hands on art workshops for adults 55+ offered with a local artist [1]
  • Hennepin County Library also offers all ages live music featuring local world musicians [1]
  • Mesa County Libraries have found travel programs are popular [3]
  • Sno-Isle Libraries suggested creating discussion groups about issues that matter, i.e. Legalizing Marijuana, Marriage Equality, Gun Violence [4]
  • Sno-Isle Libraries also suggested creating discussion groups about past major historical events and asking the participents where they were [4]
  • Sno-Isle Libraries provided this handout about Travel and Language [4]
  • Currently one of the more popular outreach programs at the San Antonio Public Library has been a trivia wheel that the branches take to the senior nutrition sites with topics of interest to seniors [7]
  • Genealogy classes are very popular with seniors in at the San Antonio Public Library. They have a wonderful genealogy department at the Central Library and they host classes here and at the branches as well [7]


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